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Infrastructure projects

Cost overruns in infrastructure projects are underestimated  

Transport and Logistics

Welcome on the website of the section Transport en Logistics (TLO), Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM) of Delft University of Technology (DUT). On this website you can find information on our research and educational activities.



Are you interested in being a visiting scholar at TLO?

We receive many requests to host research visits, and accordingly have to decline the large majority of them. Here are some criteria which we use to select visiting scholar applications:

  1. Researcher quality: we expect that visiting scholars can show clear evidence of a strong academic potential (junior reseachers), respectively a strong academic track record (senior researchers).
  2. Connection with the applicant’s group: we see the hosting of research visits as an effective means to connect to other well respected research groups around the world. As such, reputation of the visitor’s home-group is an important criterion.
  3. Fit with our research ambitions: we expect visitors to connect firmly with the research ambitions of our staff, and will not host stand-alone, unconnected research projects. Bringing your own high-quality and relevant data is a plus.
  4. Short stays are preferred. Visits with a duration of one or a few weeks are often long enough to work towards a joint publication. Only in exceptional cases will we accept requests for longer term (multiple months or year-long) visits.
  5. Financial contribution: of course, we expect visitors to cover their own expenses in terms of travel and accomodation. A further contribution to offset overhead costs is appreciated, but not necessary.



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